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Had to drive all the way to a previous residence to get some documents from city hall, six hours round trip. Which gave me a really great opportunity to get to know the Fit RS... And... Yup. It’s a Honda. Notably, it’s pretty much exactly what I expected a successor to the Logo TS to be. It’s similar in fit (no pun intended), size, driving feel (especially when in sport mode). It’s just a bit bigger, a bit higher, a bit more styled (though I actually prefer to early 96-00 style dashes and clusters), a bit more responsive, a bit faster, a bit more powerful.

It needs to be lowered, of course (the Logo had aftermarket springs), and seating felt a bit off, probably because I’m used to my Recaros, and once they are in, I think that should settle it. One thing I noticed with my Logo and notice with the Fit is a bit too much body roll, and it doesn’t feel as planted in turns compared to my EK (well, technically, EJ), but then it was was much wider.


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