Yup, so far 2018 is not my year.

This is after charging on my friend’s charger for 8 hours, where his house is in a different town, drive another friend back to his house from that friend’s house in the city then back to my house in the suburb.

I guess 5 years old and a night of lights drain is all it takes.

Thing is, I’m not sure if the charge actually did anything, I checked the manual again:


Valka has a 90AH AGM...

Oh well, guess it’s off to the indie to get the battery checked.

UPDATE: ...and everything is back to normal this morning, no codes, no nothing. I did disconnect my dashcam (had some videos to pull), but not the multi safer, so it was still drawing some power, so I don’t know. Only difference today is it’s -10C outside instead of -25C, and my drive is even shorter to the grocery store.

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