Yup, that's broken

I had my driver’s seat apart yesterday to fix the broken lumbar support (which was an unqualified success FWIW - silver lining FTW!). I carefully set my phone in the corner so it wouldn’t be damaged. As I reassembled the seat, the seat back slipped out of my hands, bounced across the garage, and came to rest with one of the metal tangs of the recline mechanism embedded in the top of my phone’s screen. Totally a freak accident.

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The moral of the story seems to be: don’t just put your phone “a safe distance away.” If you’re working with something that could legitimately destroy your phone (like nearly any car-related part), take the extra few minutes to find an actual safe spot for it. I have a drawer of my toolbox that I usually put my phone and wallet in when I’m working, I sure wish I’d have done that yesterday.

The phone is likely completely destroyed. The screen does light up and show the unlock screen when I press the power button, but the touchscreen is non-responsive, so I can’t even unlock it or tell it to power down. The metal frame of the phone is even smashed at the top where the seat back hit.


So I guess it’s time to get a new phone. I see the Nexus 5X is $300 this weekend, that’s probably what I’ll end up with.

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