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Yup.. THIS is exactly why I hate taking my car to the dealer

I’ve been putting my Takata recall off for a while now. After getting a dozen postcards with peoples scarred faces, urging me to take action before I’m another statistic, I finally made the appointment. Before I get home I’m greeted with a CEL and “Increased Emissions” message.

I called my service advisor immediately and of course he says “we just replaced the airbag, we didn’t touch anything that would cause that fault” Yeah well it’s one hell of a coincedence, not 5 miles later I got this. Could they have bumped an O2 sensor while positioning the lift arms in place? They also replaced the wiring harness for the blower motor (another recall). So yeah, you did touch the wiring harness because I know the blower motor harness comes out of the main harness under the dash. “Well we’ll be happy to look at it, but I can’t promise you that we will cover the repair”

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