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Z Notes

It actually says he will buy it, “AS IS” at the bottom... WTF does that mean, he thinks it needs more work??? It’s repainted and totally rebuilt with disks and triple carbs! Not enough for you? But as I back up I notice another note on a 911 that a neighbor has..... SO.... this guy is in a sports car frenzy?? He HAS to have sports cars no matter the year or make? Oh I need that 71' Z or damn maybe I can get that 996 911!!??? I get notes almost every time I take the Z and park it anywhere long enough, but I haven’t seen a barrage of note writing in my parking lot before. I have always had issues with people and parking with my condos so I was parked in my own space and I saw that note at a distance and I was ready for fucking WAR if they had some problem with that!!! Ok so that happened today. .. Also note he has “car” in a different pen width, like he is just writing tons of these about cars and maybe things other that cars, like maybe trucks? So the AS IS could be about anything, I didn’t go pluck the note off the 911.

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