All holes from the evil American dealer option side trim rivets are welded and prepped.*

*(I wonder what that sentence is like in German, one word? ...... Alle Löcher von den bösen amerikanischen Händler-Option Seitenverkleidungsnieten sind geschweißt und vorgedrungen..) .....Seitenverkleidungsnieten wow.....

Anyway so my friend welded up the holes, it’s all prepped, we are still looking for a couple parts. The driver side window parts are hard to find, they get the shit beat out of them and the passenger side parts are easy to find. Regulators are not made anymore, Z’s have a staggering amount of OEM and aftermarket support but not that part. I let him do things at his pace, I am busy with work myself so it works out for everyone. I do want it in time for nice weather! This car has come a long way, this car was probably pretty representative of what many Zs are like out there, or slightly better. This one was in a shed, the dog legs on these cars rot from the inside so you don’t know anything is wrong until it pops out the skin. By then it’s very bad. I had one leg that was showing signs, we just did both sides to kill it. I replaced the whole crossmember where the hatch closes, the tailgate, the right fender is gone now, it was rusting on the bottom, we patched it up before and since it was way below and tucked in I painted it and you couldn’t see much. But it’s all undercoated in there now, no more leaves to find under the cowl, I swear to fucking god every time I went in there I found more leaves!!! No more! The downside to all of this is I now have to park far away from everyone and possibly buy those magnetic door guards for when I leave it in more crowded lots! I will be even more of a lunatic... I love this thing though.


I think he’s getting OCD on this thing because he painted certain parts of it already and he just primered everything again! Last week, you can see the trim holes:


Reference, this is when we fixed the rear end, all behind the lights and deck:


Oh and I almost forgot, we ordered a Japanese bumper months ago and it hasn’t come yet, that one there is a bumper from my friend’s parts stock, he has several donor cars and piles of stuff.

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