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Z Wheels, a sticker, my thoughts.

So my Zs wheels are dealer option slotted mags, and I didn’t think those were from Japan. I don’t have these on my car because we found one of them to be damaged, I was going through my storage and I saw this sticker on a rim, never noticed it before. They are the original rims from the dealer, but all Zs were shipped with the steel wheels and caps. Dealers then had a few options. A few people tried to order the Seiko Kobe works rally wheels that you might know from the Z 432s. But many report them always being backordered and couldn’t get them. So many Americans went for the slotted aluminum wheels. But here is a sticker on my wheel saying it was inspected by Sugiyama San!? So I guess the dealer option wheels were made in Japan but not shipped by Nissan or made by them. This was before made in China, Japan would make sense for manufacturing.

All regular production 240-Z’s shipped to North America were equipped with steel wheels and hubcaps. The 70/71 Model Year Z’s had 4.5" x 14" steel wheels with the “D” hubcaps and the 72/73 Model Year Z’s had 5"x 14" steel wheels with the “Z” hubcaps.”

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