The guy driving this C7Z06 is a complete nincompoop. For example #1, the above image shows him in a corner, wheel cranked, tailgating the car in front, with the throttle at 100% in a 650HP car. <SIGH> Without great software this guy would be spun out into a wall at best, and killing someone else at worst.

If you watch the entire 22 minute video below you’ll see this behavior is consistent throughout. In short, he’s a terrible driver on track, but frankly that’s not the issue. I mean, hey, the first time I went on track I was pretty bad too (...and I’m still average, at best). There are, however, many other issues with this video:

  1. The instructor goes along with some very dangerous driving by an inexperienced driver (driver evidently on his 2nd 1/2 day of track time ever per the video description)
  2. The driving event has open passing in all areas of the track with inexperienced drivers at the wheel. Who does this? Maybe the organizers had him in a beginner group and moved him up due to his car and raw speed?
  3. The driver (I’m assuming) uploads this video to the youtubes and brags about his Z06 beating a GT3, apparently driven by a “pro” driver (doesn’t look like it to my eyes)...but the Z06 is way up on HP vs. the GT3. Maybe he could brag if he was passing 918’s...
  4. The driver is using using 10/2 positions and hand-over-hand steering on track, not push/pull steering to maximize control.
  5. Trottle control seems to be binary on/off.

I don’t mean to come down too hard on this driver here, after all it is VERY hard learning to drive properly in a high HP car. I’m learning in a E90M3 and that’s almost too much car.

I’m only picking on him because he apparently loaded this onto the internet to show how awesome he / his car did at the track, but I really don’t think he knows any better. In my opinion the blame here resides with the event organizers and perhaps the instructor for going along with this drivers antics for 22+ minutes and not pulling him off for a lesson on track techniques at the very least, or a black flag more appropriately.

OK, back to work for me...what other examples / issues can you find, or am I all wrong on this thing? It sure would scare me to share a track with this guy!

(PS - I read somewhere that you should put FIERY DEATH in all caps in article titles whenever possible, so apologies that there is no fiery death here...but I’m thankful no GT3s or Z06s were bent in the making of this video, in addition to no deaths!)