Season 2 of the epic fail saga continues! Coming at you with a (clever) new title for the show, this season will document the swap process. Here is an update on what happened over the break!

Ok, nothing much happened. The project was in a bit of a holding pattern while trying to balance out the books. After buying up the Z28 for $4200, I have sold $2575 worth of parts leaving me with an LS1 with a wiring harness, ECU, MAF and all the required accouterments for the sweet price of $1625. The goal was to get that final value to $900, which I still hope to reach by continuing to sell stuff, but then there was some fail.


The 22-RE in the 4runner decided it didn't like revs as much as I do, so it decided to spin a bearing and start knocking a rod which has fast tracked the whole project since my wife won't let me drive her Rav4 whenever I want. It begins with removing the heart of the beast.

Due to my current home construction situation, I don't really have a clean place to remove the engine from the Z28. However, I do have a bunch of construction equipment and since the engine must come out from the bottom of the Camaro:

Yoink! And out comes the powerplant still bolted to the front suspension and K-member.


The next step was buying up all the bits to make the engine fit in a 1986 Toyota truck chassis which includes:

Bellhousing adapter

Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Custom Clutch, Flywheel Spacer

Toyota Land Cruiser Slave Cylinder

Custom Motor Mounts

Block Hugger Headers

Custom Exhaust Piping

Corvette Accessory Drive Kit (Ouch price)

Diff Drop Kit

Tuning Sofware and Hardware (WHY IS THIS THE MOST EXPENSIVE CRAP!?)

A bunch of other bits and bobs

And a set of traction bars to (hopefully) prevent the LS1 from spitting the rear end out of the truck.


All of that clocks in at an additional $3800.

Hopefully all this crap will trickle in over the next 2 weeks and I can get everything sorted out sometime in the next 4 weeks. Which puts my approximate completion date sometime in 2043, if I use autmotive project logic.


So stay tuned and see what will go wrong next.