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Now that you all learned about Terre Haute, I’ll tell you about something I learned about:


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One of the vendors I was testing with brought a Zapcat out. His sons race it and he builds the motors. It looked cool so that night at the hotel I did some googling and Oh. My. God. This looks amazing. Here, see for yourself.

The only thing I can really liken it to is motorcycle sidecar racing where one bonkers individual pilots the craft and the other, more bonkers person, acts as living, movable ballast.


The boats themselves are built like RHIBs, with a solid center portion between two inflatable pontoons. The motors start as 50 HP units but are tuned up into the 60-65 HP range. The boats weigh around 180 lbs and the motors around 250. They can apparently make 50+ MPH, in other words, they scoot.

The vendor offered rides if time allowed, but sadly things didn’t work out. Maybe one day.


All this has led to an impasse in the Snuze house. Selling the 850 plus some extra fun money I have gets me most of the way to a used, entry level Zapcat setup (cat, 50HP motor, trailer). Mrs Snuze has given me a hard no. I guess I shouldn’t have shown her the racing video first.

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