I went to my favorite lunch place today, an Italian deli called Mazzaro's in St. Petersburg, Florida. They have a few old FIAT cars and a couple of Piaggio Apes parked outside for Italian atmosphere. I never noticed until today that their FIAT 600 is actually a Yugoslavian FIAT manufactured by Zastava, best known in the USA as the manufacturers of the Yugo. I never even knew that Zastava made a version of the 600! So I grabbed my cell phone and took a few pictures of this pretty little thing for your amusement. That's a 500 parked in front of it, by the way.

That's a European license tag on it, so I think it's not really legal to drive on the public roads. Even so, it looks like it's in decent condition, and I wouldn't be surprised if it could be made road-worthy. Safety-wise, however... well, I don't suppose it could be any worse than riding a motorcycle!