I was in need of some zen, so I pulled my carbs and tank off this weekend in order to clean them up. Decided to go old school and just clean the inside of the tank using muriatic acid. I usually mix some two-stroke oil into my gas to keep it rust free, but I had let it sit for a while with half a tank.

If you don’t have experience playing around with concentrated acid, definitely don’t do this. Wanted to see what kind of HCl patina I could give the tank. Turned out pretty cool. Not too rusty, but not too shiny.


I decided to clean the tank up again and throw some Mop n’ Glo on it. Brought it back to where it usually is.


I think I like the cleaned up, but dull look the best, although I like how the Honda emblem pops with the more rusted tank. Here’s how she looked the night I refinished her.

Anyways, my petcock gasket failed when I was filling her back up. I then poured gas allover the side of the tank, screwing up my tank art. My theme with this bike is “wabi-sabi”, so I’ll probably just leave the melted paint. Another idea I have is to scrap the one side and just paint a red disc, Hinomaru style. I really like asymmetric designs, so this idea is tempting.