Zenos E10s This is it!

I spent 3 and a half hours at one of Americas least influential car shows this week and I bring you the only highlight. The Zenos E10s.

The Zenos E10 S is a street legal track-day car that is imported to the U.S. by my local Lotus distributer, Gator Motorsports.


With a claimed curb weight of under 1,500 pounds this demon on wheels will pack a 0-60 punch in a sub 4 seconds; thanks to the 2.0 liter Ford Eco-Boost tuned to 250 bhp (7,000rpm) and 250 lb.ft. of torque (2,500rpm)mated to a 6 speed transversal transmission. That’s more than 800 pounds lighter than a ND MX-5 and 95 extra horses. This thing is going to be a rocket!


Zenos cars tag line is “Experience the thrill of Belonging.” That thrill comes at a price though, as the E10s starts at $59,495 usd.


Now if I can only talk them into a test drive!

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