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Zenvo - A dissapointment

"A small team of car industry professionals joins forces to realize a mutual dream – the creation of a unique hyper car. The team lays out a number of objectives for the project: the car has to be day-to-day drive-able, and design and technology should be equally important in its development. Power should exceed 1100 bhp and acceleration from 0-100 km/h should be under 3 seconds."

To you Denmark might be a small un-important country in Scandinavia, only infamous because thousands of thousands of years back we were vikings, who raped and stole pots from England. That's quite some time ago now, and now we are "known" for our architectural skills and sound systems from Bang and Olufsen, which basically is an upmarket Phillips product, the car worlds equivalent of a Lexus. We are a bunch of very demanding individuals who appreciates a well made product. for us Denmark is a bi-word for quality and long term durability, much like the Germans, just not as successful. So when some of our brands and products go haywire or down the drain we judge them as complete failures. There is a reason why we still buy 100.000$ expensive Audi's, BMW's, Jag's and Merc's, we appreciate good craftwork.


First of, let me rephrase my headline, so no misunderstandings occur. I'm a Dane, and as a Dane I have been raised to praise everything, we Danes, produce, even though it isn't as good as it was intended to be. For example our windmills, which firstly was revolutionary as a form of energy, it later became a joke, as the company, Vestas, has been in great trouble for the past few years. This short story of Vestas very much resembles something else, something new to be produced in Denmark, a car, the Zenvo ST1, every Dane, and I mean EVERY Dane knew about this bold project, started up by two men, with a deep passion for cars, Jesper Jensen whom also founded Jensen Motors who is famous for their Interceptor, and financed by Troels Vollertsen. Since 2009 pictures and videos have surfaced showing of the danish hypercar, and everyone dropped their jaw. Not only were Denmark finally taking a step in the right direction, but we also had the whole world supporting us, from Top Gear to billionaires, because usually danish produced product are of high standards, even if it's foreign technology. So when the Zenvo ST1 failed miserably on prime time TV, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May made fun of it every reasonable Dane nodded in agreement, I personally couldn't do anything else that just agree, a product so expensive and so upmarket shouldn't turn into a fireball of death after an hour of drifting and driving, the Zenvo is nearly as expensive as a Pagani Zonda, and I can't recall any of them turning into a fireball on Top Gear.

What I'm trying to prove is that Zenvo is truly a breathtaking car in every aspect, I'm proud to see the hammer of Thor on the logo but to be completely honest in eyes of a Dane it's a failed product, who shouldn't praise it selves before they get their technology straight. It's such an automotive disappointment, it had the same potential as Koenigsegg and Pagani who had the same start-up.

Come on Zenvo, make me proud, instead of careless.

- Anders

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