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ZF 8HP70 - 8spd Auto Filter & Fluid Change - DIY


Finally got around to changing the fluid in my Dodge RAM with the ZF 8spd transmission.

This is FAR more simple to do than my 09 Hemi with the conventional 5 speed. Less mess, didn’t have to make gaskets and screw around with RTV and was much quicker! Also the exhaust was not in the way of me removing the pan so that was a relief!

FCA says this is a “lifetime” fluid but ZF recommends the fluid to be changed and serviced just like any other transmission.


I would definitely recommend changing the fluid at least around 90k miles as my fluid was a bit dirty but nothing too alarming. Seemed like the perfect time to be changing the fluid given the light duty my truck has seen.

Any questions feel free to ask!

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