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ZHP decision making!

I’ve found a local E46 ZHP 6MT sedan that I’m considering buying (picture below not actual car).

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I’m having the car go through a PPI today as the current owner doesn’t have too many maintenance records, however it does seem like a pretty honest car based on my viewing and test drive this past weekend. Question will come down to what the PPI reveals, and how much I’m willing to pay for a car that needs a little bit of cosmetic clean up (just a good waxing and deep clean for the most part), and some preventative work.

I intend to rebuilt the DISA valve, VANOS (I detected some rattle under the hood but not too loud), and probably overhaul the cooling system (currently no signs of running too hot though). The car of course has a clean title but apparently had a front fender replaced after a parking lot accident…so curious to make sure nothing else looks funky on the underside after that.


I checked recent ZHP sales on BaT and some pretty pristine looking cars recently sold for around $7-8k with good preventative work and/or maintenance records. Not sure how much weight you folks give data points like that against local in-person sales? Current owner is asking a little under $9k for the car, which feels high to me. Given all the unknowns on the car I’m thinking around $7k is a more reasonable price for this thing. Thoughts? Input? Other things to consider? Should I run away? 

Tangential – why the hell are first gen G35s so expensive? I can’t find a single local car with a stick for under $10k that haven’t been completely abused.

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