I was very stoked to find a clean low mileage ZHP last year for a screaming good price...but the car as some of you may have seen didn’t come with the glorious 18" style 135 rims that originally came on these cars. Instead if came with these 17x7 wheels off a 330xi.


I honestly don’t hate them and they’ve made for a good winter wheel. But with winter on its way out I’ve been searching for a good summer set so I can just have two sets of wheels.

As much as I’d love to have 135s I decided to go with a 17" option since the car came with perfectly good fresh pilot super sport rubber in 225/45/17 and I couldn’t justify tossing them for a new set of 18" tires too.

After considering my options I just bought a set of these Sparco Pro Corsas shown above on TireRack.

Anybody have experience with Sparco wheels or these in particular? A little late for feedback since the wheels have arrived, just hoping for a good experience. They look fantastic in person too, can’t wait to get them mounted on the car.