Zip ties to the rescue!

...for now, anyway.

I said I wasn’t gonna fix the AC in the ’Murlequin, my beater truck, but it’s been crazy hot lately, and I couldn’t resist the urge to drop a small can of refrigerant w/dye in the system. At the very least, I want to know where (and how badly) it leaks, seeing as the system has absolutely no pressure in it.


So I jumped the low pressure switch to activate the compressor clutch, and started putting in the spare can of refrigerant that I had on hand. As soon as I started the engine, I was awarded with a terrible grinding noise. Shutitoffshutitoffshutitoff! The clutch hub had collapsed against the pulley, and now would neither fully engage to turn the compressor, nor release from the pulley.

Not wanting to drive it like this, I needed to rig something up. So I pried the outer rim of the hub away from the pulley, and slipped some zip ties through, looping them back towards the center, where I used a key ring to connect them. I then tightened each one, keeping the ring centered as they pulled the hub slightly further away from the pulley.

Dat gap

Success! No more grinding.

Question is, do I still want to fix the AC? Hm, I’d need a new clutch assembly (or perhaps just a hub), or I could just put that money towards a whole new compressor instead... And that can of refrigerant I put in? Yeah, it’s hissing right out of the condenser, so there’s at least one significant leak right there... Add a new accumulator/drier and some refrigerant to that... I don’t know. This could get expensive real quick.


But at least it’s less noisy now.

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