Zoe: How could you do this to me?

Me: I promise it's only for tonight. You know I need the money.

Zoe: But with THAT!?!? She's hideous! How could you give her as much time as me!

Me: I swear, it's only for the money. I don't feel the same about her. I don't love her. I'm just pretending.

Zoe: I can't believe it. You're kicking me out of my own house to service this bitch.

Me: Damnit, this is the last time. I swear.

I should probably explain.

Zoe is my 300ZX

Priscilla is what I decided to name my neighbor's Prius (Plug in). The name seems appropriate. Priscilla is a girl who you don't really love. You'll date her, but you don't really care. There's no passion in the relationship. You see girls like her everywhere, but you wouldn't really lust after them, nor would you lust after her. And in the end, you know you'll be the one to dump her, never the other way around.


I was hired to detail his Prius (For $50) and thought about poor Zoe getting kicked out of her own home to make room for something so ugly.