For some reason the Hot Wheels Sesto Elemento is her FAVORITE car; it also doubles as a phone for her.

On this day, she was born three years ago. And three years ago, I became a father for the first time.

I’m really bad at remembering stuff, but I do remember Jr being born since I was in the room. Admittedly, it’s weird to watch a child being born, and magical at the same time. I won’t go into detail though, though it was interesting to see it all transpire. I was also the first to hold her. I wanted to sing her a song, but I had no idea what to sing. I quickly decided to sing Baby’s a Red by House of Heroes, because it had the word red in the title and 60% of my sis-in-laws are redheads (my wife is a brunette). The song is about falling in love with a woman from Russia, so...close enough. I knew this singing it, :).


The song is below because it’s always reminds me of Jr, :).

Anyways, today is the birthday. Wife’s family is coming over to the small party. Happy bday to you Jr!